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100ho12190 Siemers E4 Elevator-ET

Reg: HO840003208357080 99% RHA | TC TD TL TP TR TV TY

Enforce x Granite x Denver

• Big Production and CFP!
Proven Top and Bottom Side! 
• Great Conformation Profile!

Born: 11/09/2019

aAa: 234 DMS: 246
Beta-Casein: A1A1 Kappa-Casein: EE HAP:

Breeder: Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI

Sire: Sandy-Valley Enforce-ET
Dam: Siemers Grt Parini 28262-ET VG-87-3Y EX-MS
02-00 3x 271d 24970m 4.5 1126f 3.4 855p

MGS: Progenesis Granite
MGD: Siemers Denver Parini-ET VG-85

MGGS: Mr Mogul Denver 1426-ET TL TD TV
MGGD: Quality Tango Paris VG-86
01-11 2x 365d 32500m 4.9 1594f 3.4 1094p

Siemers Grt Parini 28262-ET VG-87
MGGD: Quality Tango Paris VG-86
11116 Sierra Road
Oakdale, California
(209) 847-4797