100 is our Stud Code.

505je00124 BW Sunseeker-ET

Reg: JEUSA000119965973 100% BBR 

Kwynn x Machete x Legal

 DPR Improver with Good Production
 Promising Cow Family!

Born: 02/25/2017

aAa: DMS: Beta-Casein: A2A2 Kappa-Casein: BB HAP: JH1C JH2F

Breeder: Brentwood Farms, Orland, CA

Sire: Cdf Karbala Kwynn
Dam: BW Machete Lizzie Y12 EX-90%

MGS: Sunset Canyon Machete-ET
MGD: Bw Legal Paola W573 EX-90%

MGGS: Tollenaars Impuls Legal 233-ET
MGGD: Bw Parade Paola Et578-ET VG-85

D: BW Machete Lizzie Y12 EX 90%
Full Sister to Sunseeker: BW Kwynn Lizzie IF495 EX 91%
11116 Sierra Road
Oakdale, California
(209) 847-4797