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100je07413 Ahlem Craze Doc 24061-ET

Reg: JE840003144728256 100% BBR 

Craze x Plus x Valentino

 What the DOC Ordered!
 Big DPR & JUI Improver!!
100 BBR, HR, and EX-90% Dam!

Born: 11/15/2017

aAa: DMS: 345456 Beta-Casein: A2A2 Kappa-Casein: BB HAP: JH1F

Breeder: Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, CA

Sire: River Valley Circus Craze-ET
Dam: Ahlem Plus Dee 42868 EX-90%
3-01 305 3x 21250m 4.5 955p 3.6 758p

MGS: Sweetie Plus Iatolas Bold
MGD: Ahlem Valentino Dee 38548 VG-86%
2-11 305 3x 23470m 4.6 1071f 3.6 852p

MGGS: All Lynns Louie Valentino-ET
MGGD: Ahlem Headline Dee 34340

D: Ahlem Plus Dee 42868 EX-90%
11116 Sierra Road
Oakdale, California
(209) 847-4797