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100ho12174 Jett-Fuel C Rocketeer-ET

Reg: HO840003206515242 99% RHA 

Crimson x Modesty x Rodgers

 #20 in the Breed for DWP$ @ 1117
• Health Trait Outlier
Great CFP and Low SCE

Born: 06/15/2019

aAa:   DMS: Beta-Casein:  Kappa-Casein:  HAP:

Breeder: MB Lucky Lady, Modesto, CA

Sire: ABS Crimson-ET
Dam: Butz-Hill Mod Ratto 1-ET

MGS: Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty-ET
MGD: EDG Randi Rodgers 57927-ET

MGGS: De-Su Ltm Rodgers 11379-ET
MGGD: EDG Ruby Uno Randi-ET VG-87
02-02 2x 365d 36430m 3.6 1300f 3.2 1159p

MGGD: EDG Ruby Uno Randi-ET VG-87
11116 Sierra Road
Oakdale, California
(209) 847-4797