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100HO12112 Pine-Tree Obi-Wan Keno-ET

Reg: HO840003150687288 99% RHA |  TC TD TL TP TR

Kenobi x Spock x Supersire

• The Force is Strong with This One!
• Tremendous SCS
• Out of this World Calving Ease Traits!

Born: 12/18/2018

aAa: 453  DMS: 561456
Beta-Casein: A1A2  Kappa-Casein: BB  HAP:

Breeder: Pine-Tree Dairy, Marshalville, OH

Sire: De-Su 14222 Kenobi-ET
Dam: Rosylane-Llc Spock 10916-ET

MGS: Rosylane-Llc Spock-ET
MGD: Rosylane-Llc Supersire 7955

MGGS: Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET TV TL TY TD
MGGD: Rosylane-Llc Petrone 7058
01-09 3x 296d 25830m 4.0 1025f 3.2 821p

11116 Sierra Road
Oakdale, California
(209) 847-4797