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100HO12110 G-Deruyter Zorro-ET

Reg: HO840003139120233 99% RHA |  TC TD TL TP TR

Medley x Jedi x AltaToprock

• Health Trait Leader: SCS & DPR !!!
1.0 Sire Calving Ease!
Balances Stature with Great Udders!

Born: 11/11/2018

aAa: 324  DMS: 246
Beta-Casein: A1A2  Kappa-Casein: BE  HAP:

Breeder: GDR Holsteins, Outlook, WA

Sire: ABS Medley-ET
Dam: EDG Jedi Zolinda-ET

MGS: S-S-I Montross Jedi-ET
MGD: EDG Magnus Prock 57309-ET
02-05 3x 305d 24880m 3.1 775f 3.4 835p

MGGS: Regel Altatoprock
MGGD: SRP Magnus Zo13699-ET EX-90
03-08 3x 305d 37570m 3.8 1411f 3.3 1251p

11116 Sierra Road
Oakdale, California
(209) 847-4797